Friday, August 10, 2012


Hello and welcome!

If you are here it means you enjoyed our animated short: GLUED.

The film was our 3rd year film at Bezalel Academy of Art. Our first attempt at making a CG film. It took us 10 months to create from concept to final render. As students of animation we are always interested in the process of creating films. This is why we decided to show different  parts of the process and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we made the short. We hope this will help aspiring animators, students and animation enthusiasts get a feel for what it was like to create this film.

Thanks for visiting,

Alon, Sivan, Daniel, Guy
(The Glued Crew)


  1. Hello guys. I featured Glued on my blog post today. Check it out

    Great work and All the best for you all!.

  2. I enjoyed it! Well done and carry on and create more!

  3. What engine did you use to render?

  4. Hey Xsarin, V-Ray was used for rendering. :)

    Thanks everyone!

  5. Fantastic film! I teach English in South Korea, and am using this as part of my theme based course for 4-6 grades. I'm using it as part of a short film festival class where students will watch each film 2-3 times and then finish a short worksheet on each. At the end, students will vote on their favorite film. I'll let you know how you do.

    (We've already covered genre, camera placement, sound, music, props, lighting, storyboards, colorboards, etc.)

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  7. I loved it! My son has been making crudely animated films for a few years, and has recently decided he should kick it up a few notches. This may be just the inspiration he needs!

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  9. hello, I'm a Student, my English is not good,please forgive me.I watched your video on Youtube, and I very like it, I want to use your video to do my homework--Dubbing, so before I started, I must ask for your advice,if you allowed, it must be great,Thank you!